Tuesday, February 18

My Little Black Book of Liners

I love eye liner as you probably know!  I am always experimenting with different liners and colors.  Today I wanted to focus on my favorite black liners.  I keep several black liners on hand and each is awesome for different reasons.  All have a different applicator and I thought it would be fun to do a post on how and why I use each one.  Keep reading to get to inside scoop on my little black book of liners!

One of my favorite liquid liners is Urban Decay's 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion.  It has a thin, short, small brush.  This liner is great for achieving a super dark outer corner look and getting really REALLY close to your lashes.  It is $19 alone, or you can sometimes find it in a palette, such as the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Redux for $32, which comes with 16 eyeshadows, mascara and primer.  Its only downfall is that it doesn't remove easily.  Have your olive oil handy.  Click here to see my previous blog post about their hot pink liquid liner, Woodstock.

The Urban Decay pencil liner in Perversion is also my favorite black pencil liner.  You can find a travel version here in their Habitual 24/7 set for only $22 from Urban Decay.  My favorite thing about this liner is that it doesn't transfer. For example, if I am only tightlining my top lashes, it won't get on your lower lash line when you blink. 

Another liquid liner I love is Sephora's Long Lasting 12 hour wear liner.  It is currently on sale! The long flexible tapered felt tip brush is perfect for creating various lines.  From flick to thick, this liner does it all.  The liner is very black and dries to a matte finish.  This is another liner that will help you achieve super dark outer corners.  I am also a fan of how easy it comes off! Click here to see my previous blog post about this liner in Glitter Green.

I cannot live without gel liner.  Its awesome for making liner super close to the lash line. When I am wearing a bright liner, I push black gel liner as close to my lash line as I can get.  Sephora gel liner, which is no longer sold (sad face) is my favorite.  It lasts forever on the eye.  I especially love this liner for the lower waterline. I have this liner in several other colors and love them all! Plus they don't dry out like other gel liners I owned in the past.

What is your favorite liner?  I would love you to share with us.  Thanks for reading.  Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest in makeup nails and  sales.

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  1. I've heard great things about the urban decay liners! Great post xx

    Jasmine Cara


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