Wednesday, January 8

POW Scotch Tape!

I always do my eye makeup first, so I can create clean lines and remove fallout when I am done. I usually do my eye makeup and then go back in with some eye makeup remover to take off excess shadow or liner.  Recently I tried using scotch tape to save myself some clean up time.  But it's also awesome for creating clean, extended lines.  I use it for tons of eye makeup looks.  Here I used Sephora Collection black gel liner.  The tape created that clean line I am loving.
But that's not all. Tape is awesome for doing nail art too.  Tape has improved my two favorite hobbies, nail art and makeup!  Click here to see how I made this drippy dotticure using scotch tape. 

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  1. Ooh I love how you've used it on your eyes! I might have to try that :) x


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