Thursday, October 3

Thrifty Thursdays: Return Policies

In today's post I'll be highlighting some of my favorite US beauty supply stores and their return policies.  I want to thank reader Chantal for this informative idea for a blog post.  I love my readers!  

As you may already know I LOVE stores that let you return anything and everything, old and new receipt or no receipt.  Even though I keep my beauty receipts all together I feel like I can never find that one I need.  I hate buying something expensive and being stuck with it. 

Sephora and Ulta
Both have fair return policies. 60 days with a receipt is stated on their receipts.  But I have never had a problem returning anything. In my experience, a customer can return anything at any time...ever... with or without a receipt.  Click here to read my recent experience returning something to Sephora.  I also went through several shampoo and conditioner returns hassle free from Ulta a few months ago.  I just love those stores! 

But I occasionally pick up some nail polish or lipstick at Sally's, CVS and Walgreens. And I always browse Target's beauty section when I am there.  So I began browsing what their return policies are like.  Some specify you can or cannot return opened beauty items.

CVS has a 100% Satisfaction Gurantee on all of their Beauty Products.  This is great for those of us who change our mind alot.  Especially for foundation and lipsticks!  CVS also has weekly beauty sales.  Be sure to check their website for weekly sales. 

Sally's Beauty Supply
At Sally's they say 60 days for returns. Read more about Sally's return policy here.

Target does not specify if I can return cosmetics specifically.  They claim 90 days for returns+30 more days if you purchased with your Target Red card. You can read more about their return policy here.

Walgreens states that is it the Store Manager's discretion to return cosmetics as stated here.  I have never tried to return opened beauty items to Walgreens but if you have please share your experience with us.

Happy shopping!  I would love to hear about your experiences returning beauty items!  Comment below and let us know what happened.  Follow me on social media @Beautyaddixion for all the latest about makeup, nails and sales.   Read more about how I save here.

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  1. At target you can also return an opened used beauty product as long as its not more than half consumed, and with receipts ofcourse (and item barcode). :)

    I had always change my mind on beauty products specially if im just trying them out. Bur you can always ask for samples (i know sephora does that alot)


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