Friday, August 30

Z Palette Sale (sale over)

This weekend Z Palettes are on sale from 8/30-9/1!  These palettes do not go on sale very often, so snag them while they are available.  Read here for more about how I never pay full price.
Z Palettes are cases for depotted eyeshadows. I own six:  3 are large and 3 are pro size. I bought them 2/$30 ages ago.  I love  Z Palettes.  You can view their website here, which features tons of tips and samples of Z Palettes. They even have a depotting tutorial, which you can view here.
My favorite thing about Z Palettes is that they're magnetic! They come with stickers needed to magnetize any eyeshadow to your liking. You can arrange and rearrange however you like.  Let me know if you buy any Z Palettes! Thanks for reading. Follow me on social media @beautyaddixion so you don't miss a hot sale.


  1. Wish I had seen this on the weekend! Next time!
    Hannah :) x

    Love, Life, and Makeup Blog/Twitter/Pinterest

    1. Bummer! I need to tweet it more! And I think I forgot to post it to my instagram...I am always following their sales, so Ill keep ya posted!


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