Monday, July 22

Mani Monday Glitter Stripe

I am loving this new 8 nail polish set I recently picked up at  You can read my post about that haul here! Slowly I've been trying out each color.  I started with this gorgeous metallic green and blue. This nail art was fairly easy to do! The gold stripe covers any flaws.  Keep reading to see how I made this cute mani.

First gather two of your favorite nail polishes.  I chose the metallic light blue and green from Fashion Week VIP by The New Black.  And grab a glitter striper or nail polish and a striper paintbrush.  I am using Milani #701 Nail Art stripers, which I used a few months ago pictured here.  

1.  Paint all of the nails with your bottom color.  I chose this metallic mint green.  Paint 1-2 coats. 
2.  Paint the top half of each nail with your second color.  I used this pretty periwinkle.  Don't worry about mistakes, they can be corrected later with the striper. Allow to dry completely. 
3.  With your glitter striper or polish with a brush, draw a thin line over where the two colors meet. Try to rotate your finger, not the brush.
4.  After drying top with your favorite topcoat and wrap the tips!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed this mani.  I'm happy to be getting my blogging mojo back after a short break.  Keep following me for all the latest makeup, nails and sales here and via  @beautyaddixion on social media.  See my cute follow bottons on the top right of my website for easy access!

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  1. This mani is so pretty, I love the colours :) x


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