Tuesday, June 11

Tuesday Tip Healthy Cuticles Now!

Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now!
For months my nail cuticles were looking dry.  My cuticles were constantly breaking and cracking.  It was like a loose thread that kept unwinding.  Each time my cuticles got healthy, they would crack, break and sometimes peel causing a scab (eeew).  As you can see from the top pick, I needed cuticle 911.  While browsing Ulta, I came across Sally Hansen Healthy Cutciles Now!  I thought it was a decent price, so I bought it along with the Sally Hansen Nail Hardener I raved about recently. (I also saw SH Healthy Cuticles Now for under $6 at Target).
I started rubbing it into my cuticles multiple times a day as soon as I took it out of its bulky packaging.  I love that this has a creamy, cool texture.  After about two weeks, they were healed and healthy looking.  As you can see in the bottom pic, my nails are looking super healthy!  I love this cuticle cream.  I will be buying more when I run out, since this stuff is so amazing.  If you browse my past ManiMondays, you can see my journey to healthier cuticles. 
What cuticle cream or oil are you loving?  Comment below and let us know.  Thanks for reading.  Find me on social media @Beautyaddixion for all of my sneak peeks and fun photos!  Stay tuned for next Tuesday's tip also about nail health.


  1. Sally Hansen are amazing! I swear by their Double Duty top coat!! I might have to recommend this one to my Mum though :)

    P.S. Love the nail art!

    Lulu - elyouelyou :)

  2. Wow that stuff looks great? I really like using 'Solar Oil' by CND on my cuticles but I might give this stuff a go!
    Jess x


  3. Great results! I use Seacret's cuticle oil, it does the trick but doesn't absorb very quickly. I've been wanting to try the Burt's Bee's and Lush Flutter one since people rave about it. Now this is on my list too!

  4. I've never thought of using a cuticle cream>>>
    Thanks for sharing this!
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog


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